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Vascular Cell provides an on-line high-quality fast peer review of manuscripts focusing on vascular-angiogenesis research and all the other related fields. Experimental, clinical and transdisciplinary studies are published by our journal.

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All the articles included in Vascular Cell may be cited as indicated below:

Authors: Title. Vasc Cell [year], [volume number]:[article number].

e.g. Ceserani V, Ferri A, Berenzi A, Benetti A, Ciusani E, Pascucci L, Bazzucchi C, Coccè V, Bonomi A, Pessina A, Ghezzi E, Zeira O, Ceccarelli P, Versari S, Tremolada C, Alessandri G. Angiogenic and anti-inflammatory properties of micro-fragmented fat tissue and its derived mesenchymal stromal cells. Vasc Cell. 2016 Aug 18;8:3. doi: 10.1186/s13221-016-0037-3.