VascularCell articles from Volume 9 (issue 1), published in 2017.

An ectopic intramedullary hematopoietic niche in a cervical spine meniscoid

Published in Vascular Cell 9(1):3 on 2017-12-15
Scott F Farrell, Eugen B Petcu, Jon Cornwall, Darren A Rivett, Peter G Osmotherly

Development of an ImageJ-based method for analysing the developing zebrafish vasculature

Published in Vascular Cell 9(1):2 on 2017-12-15
Victoria Simms, Roy Bicknell, Victoria Lowdon Heath

Erratum to: ‘Normal endothelial but impaired arterial development in MAP-Kinase activated protein kinase 2 (MK2) deficient mice’

Published in Vascular Cell 9(1):1 on 2016-12-23
L. Christian Napp, Olga Jabs, Anna Höckelmann, Jochen Dutzmann, Piyushkumar R. Kapopara, Daniel G. Sedding, Matthias Gaestel, Johann Bauersachs, Udo Bavendiek