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Aims and scope

Vascular Cell represents an open access medical journal which concentrates on publication of a wide range of topics related to the vascular system including neo-vascularization and angiogenesis. Since vascular endothelial cells represent a crucial factor in numerous pathological conditions such as: cancer, stroke, myocardial infarction or atherosclerosis their behavior is of paramount importance for the clinical outcomes of a wide range of patients.

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VascularCell articles from Volume 14 (issue 1), published in 2023.

A 3-Dimensional Hypothesis of Oxidative Phosphorylation

Published in Vascular Cell 14(1):1 on 2023-03-27
Vincent Andrew Knight

Angiogenesis-osteogenesis coupling: a key element in bone physiology and regeneration

Published in Vascular Cell 13(1):2 on 2021-12-20
Bridget Boston, Deepak Ipe, Bogdan Capitanescu, Stephen Hamlet, Robert Love, Iulian Nusem, Rodica Ileana Miroiu, Patrick Hans-Heinrich Warnke, Eugen Bogdan Petcu

The long and winding road: detecting and quantifying Notch activation in endothelial cells

Published in Vascular Cell 13(1):1 on 2021-12-20
Lydia L. Wu, Stephanie Shen, Henry Biermann, Mildred Nelson, Naina Bagrodia, Ann M. Defnet, Rebecca Kirschner, Peter Hahn, Tzintzuni Garcia, Fernando Flores-Guzman, Jessica J. Kandel, Henar Cuervo, Sonia L. Hernandez

A clinically relevant model of stroke using aged rats

Published in Vascular Cell 12(1):6 on 2020-11-16
Aurel Popa-Wagner, Mircea Popescu-Driga, Leonard -Radu Pinosanu, Monica Grigore, Flavia Semida Ghinea, Bodan Capitanescu, Dirk M Hermann

Vascular Tumors Result from Adeno-Associated Virus-9 Angiogenic Gene Therapy of Bone Allografts

Published in Vascular Cell 12(1):3 on 2020-11-16
Elisa S Rezaie, Noortje J Visser, Roman Thaler, Farzaneh Khani, Patricia F Friedrich, Andrew L Folpe, David R Deyle, Alexander Y Shin, Andre J van Wijnen, Allen T Bishop

The SARS-CoV2 - ACE2 link: a physiopathological analysis

Published in Vascular Cell 12(1):5 on 2020-08-03
Eugen B Petcu, Christopher Andry, Eric J Burks, Stephen Hamlet, Emiel AM Janssen, Kjell H Kjellevold, Antonio de Las Morenas, Nancy S Miller, Rodica I Miroiu, Iulian Nusem, Aurel Popa-Wagner

External Quality Assessments of CD31 Immunoassays – the NordiQC experience

Published in Vascular Cell 12(1):4 on 2020-07-30
Mogens Vyberg, Søren Nielsen, Michael Bzorek, Rasmus Røge

Multidisciplinary approach to maximize angiogenesis and wound healing using piezoelectric surgery, concentrated growth factors and photobiomodulation for dental implant placement surgery involving lateral wall sinus lift: two case reports.

Published in Vascular Cell 12(1):2 on 2020-06-11
Nghiem Doan, Thang Quyet Huynh, Sang Tran, Gui Wang, Stephen Hamlet, van Dau, Dzung Dao, Nam-Trung Nguyen, Hong T Nguyen, Joshua Doan, Thanh Thai, Nha Doan, Khue N Truong

Surgical angiogenesis for scaphoid non-union: a literature review

Published in Vascular Cell 12(1):1 on 2020-01-11
Jamie Corcoran, Iulian Nusem, Usama Zafar

An Improved In Vivo Angiogenesis Model of Chicken Chorioallantoic Membranes in Surrogate Shells Revealed the Pro-angiogenesis Effects of Chylomicrons

Published in Vascular Cell 11(1):1 on 2019-03-11
Xiao Wan, Dr, Zifu Zhang, Lei Rui, Rhodri S. Wilson, Xiaoning Wu, Xin Liu
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