VascularCell articles from Volume 12 (issue 1), published in 2020.

Vascular Tumors Result from Adeno-Associated Virus-9 Angiogenic Gene Therapy of Bone Allografts

Published in Vascular Cell 12(1):3 on 2020-11-16
Elisa S Rezaie, Noortje J Visser, Roman Thaler, Farzaneh Khani, Patricia F Friedrich, Andrew L Folpe, David R Deyle, Alexander Y Shin, Andre J van Wijnen, Allen T Bishop

Surgical angiogenesis for scaphoid non-union: a literature review

Published in Vascular Cell 12(1):1 on 2020-01-11
Jamie Corcoran, Iulian Nusem, Usama Zafar

The SARS-CoV2 - ACE2 link: a physiopathological analysis

Published in Vascular Cell 12(1):5 on 2020-08-03
Eugen B Petcu, Christopher Andry, Eric J Burks, Stephen Hamlet, Emiel AM Janssen, Kjell H Kjellevold, Antonio de Las Morenas, Nancy S Miller, Rodica I Miroiu, Iulian Nusem, Aurel Popa-Wagner

Multidisciplinary approach to maximize angiogenesis and wound healing using piezoelectric surgery, concentrated growth factors and photobiomodulation for dental implant placement surgery involving lateral wall sinus lift: two case reports.

Published in Vascular Cell 12(1):2 on 2020-06-11
Nghiem Doan, Thang Quyet Huynh, Sang Tran, Gui Wang, Stephen Hamlet, van Dau, Dzung Dao, Nam-Trung Nguyen, Hong T Nguyen, Joshua Doan, Thanh Thai, Nha Doan, Khue N Truong

External Quality Assessments of CD31 Immunoassays – the NordiQC experience

Published in Vascular Cell 12(1):4 on 2020-07-30
Mogens Vyberg, Søren Nielsen, Michael Bzorek, Rasmus Røge

A clinically relevant model of stroke using aged rats

Published in Vascular Cell 12(1):6 on 2020-11-16
Aurel Popa-Wagner, Mircea Popescu-Driga, Leonard -Radu Pinosanu, Monica Grigore, Flavia Semida Ghinea, Bodan Capitanescu, Dirk M Hermann