VascularCell articles from Volume 1 (issue 1), published in 2009.

Surface expression of CXCR4 on circulating CD133+progenitor cells is associated with plaque instability in subjects with carotid artery stenosis

Published in Vascular Cell 1(1):10 on 2009-12-27
Dominik Sepp, Lorena Esposito, Peter Zepper, Ilka Ott, Regina Feurer, Suwad Sadikovic, Bernhard Hemmer, Holger Poppert

Akt promotes Endocardial-Mesenchyme Transition

Published in Vascular Cell 1(1):2 on 2009-09-21
Kafi N Meadows, Seema Iyer, Mark V Stevens, Duanning Wang, Sharon Shechter, Carole Perruzzi, Todd D Camenisch, Laura E Benjamin

DCE-MRI assessment of the effect of vandetanib on tumor vasculature in patients with advanced colorectal cancer and liver metastases: a randomized phase I study

Published in Vascular Cell 1(1):5 on 2009-09-21
Klaus Mross, Ulrike Fasol, Annette Frost, Robin Benkelmann, Jan Kuhlmann, Martin Büchert, Clemens Unger, Hubert Blum, Jürgen Hennig, Tsveta P Milenkova, Jean Tessier, Annetta D Krebs, Anderson J Ryan, Richard Fischer

CD105 positive neovessels are prevalent in early stage carotid lesions, and correlate with the grade in more advanced carotid and coronary plaques

Published in Vascular Cell 1(1):6 on 2009-09-21
Ana Luque, Mark Slevin, Marta M Turu, Oriol Juan-Babot, Lina Badimon, Jerzy Krupinski

Platelet release of Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor (VEGF) in patients undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer

Published in Vascular Cell 1(1):7 on 2009-10-24
Cliona C Kirwan, Gerard J Byrne, Shant Kumar, Garry McDowell

Tumor-derived VEGF modulates hematopoiesis

Published in Vascular Cell 1(1):9 on 2009-12-23
Yuan Xue, Fang Chen, Danfang Zhang, Sharon Lim, Yihai Cao

William Harvey and the discovery of the circulation of the blood

Published in Vascular Cell 1(1):3 on 2009-09-21
Domenico Ribatti

Welcome to Journal of Angiogenesis Research

Published in Vascular Cell 1(1):1 on 2009-09-21
Mark Slevin, Yihai Cao, Jan Kitajewski