VascularCell articles from Volume 4 (issue 1), published in 2012.

Polysaccharides from astragali radix restore chemical-induced blood vessel loss in zebrafish

Published in Vascular Cell 4(1):2 on 2012-02-23
Guang Hu, Gail B Mahady, Shang Li, Maggie Pui Man Hoi, You-Hua Wang, Simon Ming Yuen Lee

Specific tumor-stroma interactions of EBV-positive Burkitt's lymphoma cells in the chick chorioallantoic membrane

Published in Vascular Cell 4(1):3 on 2012-03-09
Jürgen Becker, Ana Covelo-Fernandez, Frederike von Bonin, Dieter Kube, Jörg Wilting

Positron emission tomography detection of human endothelial cell and fibroblast monolayers: effect of pretreament and cell density on 18FDG uptake

Published in Vascular Cell 4(1):5 on 2012-03-20
Julie A Chouinard, Jacques A Rousseau, Jean-François Beaudoin, Patrick Vermette, Roger Lecomte

RhoB controls endothelial cell morphogenesis in part via negative regulation of RhoA

Published in Vascular Cell 4(1):1 on 2012-02-08
Grant A Howe, Christina L Addison

Pleiotrophin expression and role in physiological angiogenesis in vivo: potential involvement of nucleolin

Published in Vascular Cell 4(1):4 on 2012-03-16
Marina Koutsioumpa, Georgia Drosou, Constantinos Mikelis, Katerina Theochari, Dionussios Vourtsis, Panagiotis Katsoris, Efstathia Giannopoulou, Jose Courty, Christos Petrou, Vassiliki Magafa, Paul Cordopatis, Evangelia Papadimitriou

The angiogenic response is dependent on ultrasound contrast agent concentration

Published in Vascular Cell 4(1):10 on 2012-05-15
Chenara A Johnson, William D O’Brien

Cooperative benefit for the combination of rapamycin and imatinib in tuberous sclerosis complex neoplasia

Published in Vascular Cell 4(1):11 on 2012-07-05
Baskaran Govindarajan, Laura Willoughby, Hamid Band, Adam S Curatolo, Emir Veledar, Suephy Chen, Michael Y Bonner, Martin-Garrido Abel, Marsha A Moses, Jack L Arbiser

Angiogenic efficacy of Heparin on chick chorioallantoic membrane

Published in Vascular Cell 4(1):8 on 2012-04-18
Reji Bhuvanendran Rema, Karthick Rajendran, Malathi Ragunathan

Temporal expression analysis of angiogenesis-related genes in brain development

Published in Vascular Cell 4(1):16 on 2012-10-01
Abdulkadir Özkan, Atilla Biçer, Timuçin Avşar, Aşkın Şeker, Zafer Orkun Toktaş, Süheyla Uyar Bozkurt, Ayşe Nazlı Başak, Türker Kılıç

Endothelial cell senescence is associated with disrupted cell-cell junctions and increased monolayer permeability

Published in Vascular Cell 4(1):12 on 2012-08-28
Vincent J D Krouwer, Liesbeth H P Hekking, Miriam Langelaar-Makkinje, Elsa Regan-Klapisz, Jan Andries Post

Regulation of endothelial permeability and transendothelial migration of cancer cells by tropomyosin-1 phosphorylation

Published in Vascular Cell 4(1):18 on 2012-11-17
Bryan Simoneau, François Houle, Jacques Huot

Citicoline induces angiogenesis improving survival of vascular/human brain microvessel endothelial cells through pathways involving ERK1/2 and insulin receptor substrate-1

Published in Vascular Cell 4(1):20 on 2012-12-10
Jerzy Krupinski, Manal Abudawood, Sabine Matou-Nasri, Raid Al-Baradie, Eugen Bogdan Petcu, Carlos Justicia, Anna Planas, Donghui Liu, Norma Rovira, Marta Grau-Slevin, Julio Secades, Mark Slevin

The pseudopeptide HB-19 binds to cell surface nucleolin and inhibits angiogenesis

Published in Vascular Cell 4(1):21 on 2012-12-24
Charalampos Birmpas, Jean Paul Briand, Josẻ Courty, Panagiotis Katsoris

Notch signals in the endothelium and cancer "stem-like" cells: opportunities for cancer therapy

Published in Vascular Cell 4(1):7 on 2012-04-09
Jian-Wei Gu, Paola Rizzo, Antonio Pannuti, Todd Golde, Barbara Osborne, Lucio Miele

Unique vascular protective properties of natural products: supplements or future main-line drugs with significant anti-atherosclerotic potential?

Published in Vascular Cell 4(1):9 on 2012-04-30
Mark Slevin, Nessar Ahmed, Qiuyu Wang, Garry McDowell, Lina Badimon

Macrophages and angiogenesis: a role for Wnt signaling

Published in Vascular Cell 4(1):13 on 2012-08-31
Andrew C Newman, Christopher C W Hughes

Myeloid cells in tumor inflammation

Published in Vascular Cell 4(1):14 on 2012-09-03
Michael C Schmid, Judith A Varner

CM-AVM syndrome in a neonate: case report and treatment with a novel flow reduction strategy

Published in Vascular Cell 4(1):19 on 2012-11-20
Gerald G Behr, Leonardo Liberman, Jocelyn Compton, Maria C Garzon, Kimberly D Morel, Christine T Lauren, Thomas J Starc, Stephen J Kovacs, Vincent Beltroni, Rachel Landres, Kwame Anyane-Yeboa, Philip M Meyers, Emile Bacha, Jessica J Kandel

Erratum to: Co-culture of Retinal and Endothelial Cells Results in the Modulation of Genes Critical to Retinal Neovascularization

Published in Vascular Cell 4(1):6 on 2012-03-26
Ravindra Kumar, Sandra Harris-Hooker, Ritesh Kumar, Gary Sanford